It's time we take charge of Portland's future.

why I'm running for City Council (At-Large) in Portland, Maine.

Today we face unprecedented challenges that we could not have imagined twenty years ago. Whether it's climate change or the opioid crisis, school funding or affordable housing, the status quo is not working.

Our city is losing our workers, students, artists, musicians, long-time residents and retirees—the very people who made Portland great—because wages are stagnant, housing is unaffordable, and everyone is drowning in healthcare costs, student loan debt and property taxes.

We need to start talking about how Portland's economic boom hasn't "trickled down" to working class people.

It's about time we start talking about the real impact of the luxury condos, the vacation homes, and the Airbnbs.

It's about time we made city government more responsive, accessible and transparent.

It's about time we stop giving public resources to private developers just so they can pad their profits.

It shouldn’t take twenty years to improve the lives of working people. If there is political will, we can act now.

The best campaign team ever. Photo by Emma Egan.

The best campaign team ever. Photo by Emma Egan.


100% People-Powered.  Zero Corporate Money.

We have to get big money out of politics at every level. That's why I have pledged to not take money from PACs, corporations, out-of-state donors or real estate developers—only regular folks. I'm calling on all other City Council candidates this year to make the same pledges. Learn more...