Photo by Corey Butler.

Photo by Corey Butler.

When the City Council tried to close the India Street public health clinic, Joey was a leading advocate in the grassroots fight to save it.

After a petition, protests and countless hours trying to persuade the City Council, they kept the clinic open but discontinued a vital healthcare program for over 200 low-income Mainers living with HIV. Joey persisted and worked with city officials and healthcare providers to try to ensure that former patients weren't left behind.

He is the descendant of immigrants from Quebec and Lebanon.

Joey was born in Portland but grew up in Kennebunk. His father, a businessman, grew up in Lewiston with Franco American parents. His mother—whose grandparents immigrated from Lebanon to Maine—worked at the local middle school.

After graduating from Brown University, Joey started his own print and digital communications business. He creates educational materials for clients across the United States, including the ACLU, and also works pro-bono for local causes and nonprofits.

He has been a renter, a landlord, and a homeowner in Portland.

He's seen friends and loved ones leave our city due to the high cost of housing. That's why he is committed to enacting affordable housing solutions and renter protections in this time of rapid growth and change.

In 2016 he organized and moderated a panel discussion about Portland's affordable housing crisis, and in 2017 he hosted a talk with the author of a new book that examines the causes and effects of unaffordable housing.


Democracy is not a spectator sport.

In 2016 Joey was elected to serve as Secretary of the Portland Democratic City Committee. The following year he was elected to the Executive Committee of the Southern Maine chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, and there he helped organize a local grassroots movement for progressive change.

In 2017 Joey was a member of the Maine Democratic Party's Platform Committee, and chaired the subcommittee tasked with environmental and economic issues. In 2018 Joey was elected to represent Cumberland County on the Maine Democratic Party's State Committee.

Since 2017 he has also served as Marketing Chair for Portland's annual LGBTQ Pride Parade & Festival.