Joey Brunelle's Platform for Portland

Joey is working to build a city for all of us—not just the wealthy few.



  • Will stop the sale of city-owned land to private developers without commitments to build affordable housing.

  • Will propose implementing a progressive property tax, where a taxpayer's rate varies based on their income.

  • Will propose strengthening the Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance to require 18% affordable units—instead of the current 10%, the lowest in the nation.

  • Will implement a "Vacancy Fee" on vacation homes, which take housing away from Portland residents.

  • Will implement "One Person, One Listing" short-term rental (e.g. Airbnb) regulations so housing in our residential neighborhoods stays available for Portland residents.

Smarter Government

  • Will digitize the city budget so every citizen can see how their tax dollars are spent.

  • Will work with citizen groups to implement a publicly accessible database of City Council voting records, video recordings and transcripts.

  • Will introduce Participatory Budgeting to all Portland neighborhoods by 2020, so ordinary folks—not politicians—can decide how to improve their neighborhoods.

  • Will mandate that all official City of Portland announcements be distributed in our five most commonly spoken languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Somali.

  • Will implement Ranked Choice Voting for all municipal elections by 2020.



  • Will work more closely with our state legislators and senators to make sure Portland schools are not harmed by budget cuts in Augusta.

  • Will reinvest in branch libraries and parks & rec. programs which have been cut in recent years.

  • Will work with neighborhoods to make sure all children have access to safe playgrounds.

  • Will create a permanent City Council/School Board joint committee to foster better communication and to ensure that our schools are properly funded.


  • Will build 20 miles of protected bike lanes by 2021.

  • Will work with large employers to provide free bus passes to their employees, so we can take more cars off our congested roads.

  • Will invest in METRO to increase bus frequency and line accessibility.

  • Will begin working with State officials to bring back passenger/commuter rail service to the Peninsula, via Tukey's Bridge and the Eastern Waterfront.


Climate Change

  • Will finally bring a municipal composting program to all Portland residents.

  • Will implement Carbon Impact Fees on new developments so all new buildings are incentivized to be carbon-neutral.

  • Will work with regional cities to develop a region-wide Climate Change Action Plan.

  • Will impose Environmental Impact Fees on cruise ships that anchor in Portland Harbor. (Cruise ships are some of the biggest ocean polluters.)

  • Will regularly publish statistics about residential and commercial solar installations, and encourage more of both.

Money in politics

  • Will propose limiting contributions to municipal campaigns to $200.

  • Will propose prohibiting campaign contributions from anyone actively seeking a license, permit, zoning change or approval from the City Council.

  • Will introduce a public financing program for municipal campaigns, to allow everyone to run for office to represent their community—not just those with connections to wealth.