Participatory Budgeting

Have you ever wondered how the City of Portland decides to spend its money?

Have you ever been frustrated with the city’s budget process?

Have you ever been confused about why some projects get funded and others don’t?

Well, there’s a better way. It’s called PARTICIPATORY BUDGETING!

What is Participatory Budgeting?
It’s a process that residents of over 1500 cities worldwide already use to make better, more transparent, more democratic decisions for their communities. It gives power back to the people to decide what’s right for their neighborhood.

Event Schedule

District 1 (Munjoy Hill, Bayside, East Bayside)
September 20, 6-8pm - East End Community School [facebook event]

District 2 (West End, Parkside, St. John Valley)
September 27, 6-8pm - Reiche Elementary School [facebook event]

District 3 (Libbytown, Stroudwater, Nason’s Corner, Rosemont)
October 2, 6-8pm - King Middle School [facebook event]

District 4 (Back Cove, East Deering)
October 18, 6-8pm - Ocean Avenue Elementary School [facebook event]

District 5 (North Deering, Riverton)
October 19, 6-8pm - Riverton Community Center [facebook event]

Peaks Island
TBA - Peaks Island Community Center

Want to learn more?
I will be hosting two-hour mock “Participatory Budgeting” demonstrations across the City of Portland — one event in each district.

Come to an event and learn how the Portland budgeting process currently works (and doesn’t work) and experience interactively how we can improve the process with Participatory Budgeting to be more equitable, more accessible, more accountable, and more reflective of the needs of our neighborhoods.